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During my search for a desktop countdown clock, I found one that was totally customizable, and boy oh boy, I danced around my room with joy, and then realized it’d be even more awesome to make more templates and share with all of you!

Here’s what you need to do…

1) Download THIS PROGRAM. And install it. (It doesn’t work with Mac, sorry!)
2) Go to your Program Files, or wherever you saved it. Open up the PhanTim3 Folder. Inside you should see another folder labeled “Skins”.
3) Download my Castle Countdown Pack, unzip it, and drag/drop the whole folder into the already existing Skins folder. So now you should have two folders inside the Skins folder. The “Castle Countdown” and the “Default” folder. 
4) Now open the program. The Default Clock should pop up on your desktop. Right click on the Countdown Clock and hit “Choose Skin”. Another box will pop up and you should see “Castle Countdown” listed as an option. Click on it and go through the selections until you find one you like, and then select it and hit “OK”
5) Now just set your time. Right click on the Countdown Clock again, and select “Choose Date/Time”. Punch in September 24th @ 10 PM, or whatever time it will air where you live, and there ya go!  If you have any problems, ask me


1) First of all, these things take a LONG time to make and customize. It’s not just the image, but each individual template has its own coding that I have to rewrite for matching colors and placement, etc., so please be patient! If it gets to be too much, I’ll cut off requests until I can get caught up. 

2) If you’re requesting one, please keep in mind the image and use a little bit of common sense about what would work as far as layout, and what not. Anything that’s really busy in the background is tough because then you can’t see the numbers. Please link me an image and tell me if you want the numbers on the SIDE or the BOTTOM. Request in my ask box.

3)  Follow me!  You don’t have to, but like I said, these take FOREVER to make, and it’d be a nice thank you!  Plus I’ll be posting all the requests and any new templates I make here, so that’s your best chance for keeping up with them! :)

Hope you like!

PLEASE REBLOG THIS LIKE CRAZY!  Every Castle fan should have one of these for the sake of their own sanity! LOL 

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